Goautonews March 2024

On the surface, the patent filings discovered by AutoGuide certainly sound like sacrilege coming from a brand that prides itself on its naturally aspirated V12. Yet the filings don’t lie, and Ferrari SPA has filed patents for precisely that. Stay up-to-date with the latest news within the automotive world delivered every Auto News day. Rivian R3 Is a Cyberpunk AMC Gremlin With a Jacked-Up R3X Performance Version And just like that, there’s an electric crossover worth getting excited about. A more potent hybrid setup is deliberate and it’d go into a future Hyundai N mannequin.

  • In the fashionable world, the demand for fastest info updates turns into extra urgent than ever before.
  • Discounting the SR brings the value considerably below the Omoda E5 and makes its shorter vary of 345 km – via a forty nine.92 kWh LFP battery – much simpler to swallow.
  • The pandemic had created provide issues both through plant shutdowns and a surge in demand for electronics that led the auto trade to have a shortfall of semiconductors.
  • These Toyota and Lexus car models took longer to get seen, however provide nice bang for the buck, even used.
  • Over eighty,000 electrical scooters offered in February 2024Ola, TVS, Bajaj, Ather and Greaves Electric-Ampere Vehicles account for 87 % of that quantity.

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